Construction Material Controller-Marian Operator

Date: 07/07/2022
Place of work: Port Harcourt,Rivers State,Nigeria

Job Title : Construction Material Controller-Marian Operator

Job type/Contract: Temporary, 28 Months, yearly extendable contract

Salary range: Competitive salary package with benefits

Hours: 60 Hrs/Week, Sunday off 

Rotation 60 Days (ON)-15 Days (OFF)- 2 Days (Travel)

Benefits: Single status, Travel to home country in economy class

Job Location :Port Hartcourt,Rivers State, Nigeria

Job Role

The Construction Material Controller is responsible for material management using MARIAN at Site.

Construction Marian Controller (MLC) supervise & manage the dedicated software for materials management system at the site.

He/she collects all the documents and certification covering the arrival of materials at site and provides for recording of their movements.  

Duties and responsibilities

  • Interface and implement MARIAN at the site.
  • Maintain and update SPMAT Data Base at the construction site.
  • Perform feasibility analysis by the Company software system.
  • Receive materials and issue MRR (Material Receiving Reports) in the database, post Materials to inventory, issue inventory reports.
  • Execute activities such as piping feasibility analysis.
  • Run Forecast and Reservation Reports for construction team.
  • Create and issue MTR (Material Transfer Reports) as needed to move materials from one location of Warehouses to other Warehouses in SPMAT.
  • Create and issue MIR (Material Issue Reports) based on material requisitions prepared by the construction team and Subcontractors in SPMAT.
  • Cooperate with the construction supervision, providing information on material availability and estimated delivery dates.
  • To keep records about the handling of materials, using corporate software systems.  
  • Perform feasibility analysis by the Company software System.  
  • To keep on records of surplus materials for possible sale at the end of the job

Knowledge & Qualifications

  • University Degree or Diploma in relevant discipline or equivalent.


  • Relevant experience in construction/modernization of large Petrochemical plants/ EPC
  • Strong knowledge of SPMAT (Marian) is mandatory.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in the specific discipline.
  • Experience working on Contractor side
  • Similar role covered in last three projects of comparable size.