Construction Mechanical Completion Engineer, MCE

Date: 04/05/2022
Place of work: Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

Job Title: 

Construction Mechanical Completion Engineer, MCE


NNPC-PHRC-Port Harcourt Refinery

Reports to: 

Mechanical Completion Coordinator 


  • Single status; 

  • Full board and accommodation on site; 

  • Travel to home country in economy class. 

Job summary/Role description 

The project concerns the EPC for the utilities, infrastructures and off-sites facilities of a greenfield plant for the treatment of Natural Gas, located in East Russia. 

Mechanical Completion Engineer is responsible for the data input on the MCDB (Mechanical Completion Database). 

Duties and responsibilities 

  • Record the Punch List information into MCDB; 

  • Update/Closeout of the Punch List on the MCDB; 

  • Collect and record information about personnel authorized to open Punch List; 

  • Submit on daily/weekly basis status of Punch List to Discipline Supervisors. 

  • Receive (by discipline supervisors) original punch list, recording them on the punch list record logbook and assuring their insertion in the Mechanical Completion Data Base;  

  • Supply discipline supervisors with punch list printouts;  

  • Take punch list from file for collecting responsible signature when the work on the field is completed;  

  • Maintain updated progress report of closed punch list items;  

  • Address discipline supervisors / subcontractors punch list close-out as per given priority by the Pre-commissioning Group;  

  • Monitor status of pending priority punch list in each subsystem and keep Construction Management informed;  

  • Monitor discipline completion. When a discipline is completed within a Subsystem he shall issue the Discipline Acceptance Certificate according to “Mechanical Completion Manual”;  

  • Monitor Final Completion Dossier status for each Subsystem/System. When the Subsystem/System is completed he shall issue the Subsystem/System Ready for Commissioning Certificate according to “Mechanical Completion Manual”.  

  • Monitor the Final Completion Dossier preparation by Subcontractor/Precommissioning / Commissioning Group respectively.  

Knowledge & Qualifications 

  • Relevant University Degree. 


  • Experience in Civil, Mechanical, Piping; 

  • Similar role covered at least in last three projects, of comparable size;